CalStar is building a better world.

We look at things differently.

To many, it might look like an ordinary brick. But to us, it's a revolution.

At CalStar, we develop innovative technologies that reduce the immense burden building products have on the environment. But we’re doing more than helping save the planet -- we also use our sustainable approach to help lower our costs -- and as a result, those of our customers.

CalStar is the nation’s only sustainable brick and masonry products company. We offer beautiful, affordable alternatives that meet or exceed the performance standards of traditional products.

We're more than just brick.

CalStar Bricks

Sure, we got our start as a brick company. But today, we make nearly 100 shapes including Normans, Romans and Ambassadors -- as well as decorative trim, through-the-wall structural units and facing veneers. We’re pretty sure we’re the only company that covers this range. All manufactured using our sustainable formulation and processes. All beautiful and available throughout most of North America.

Some of the country's largest brands are already using CalStar.

People aren't just talking...
they're making us part of the discussion.

“Architects like the idea of designing with sustainable materials -- but aren’t excited about the cost impact. We’ve found that with CalStar, we can specify great looking, sustainable masonry that doesn’t impact the budget.”
Cline Design
Jason GableCline Design AssociatesRaleigh, NC