With a traditional look and proven performance, you would never know CalStar brick is produced using less than 20% of the energy required to make clay brick. Our bricks are freeze/thaw resistant, meet FBX dimensional requirements and are a plug-and-play replacement for energy-intensive clay bricks on projects of all sizes.
In commercial construction, the use of CalStar brick can significantly reduce a project’s environmental impact. For a 100,000-brick project, specifying CalStar brick can:

  • Divert more than 85 tons of landfill waste
  • Avoid 210 tons of new raw material mining
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by more than 80,000 lbs (40 tons)
  • Save 500 million BTU of energy

Whether you're seeking the crisp appearance and rich colors of CalStar's brick collection or trying to reach a sustainability or LEED goal -- CalStar brick has quickly become the product of choice for leading architects and builders across the country.