Environmental Information

CalStar masonry is manufactured from an innovative process that utilizes recycled fly ash as a primary component to provide the requisite strength and durability in a material without subjecting it to high-temperature, long-duration firing. The following resources provide additional information on fly ash and its role in environmental safety.

CalStar EPD Certification
CalStar SMaRT Certification
Fly Ash Facts
Fly Ash Overview

This document provides an introduction to fly ash, providing detail on where it comes from, its safety, ways it’s been beneficially reused for years and pending legislation to encourage reuse. It also includes technical detail on fly ash types and constituents.

The Natural Resources Defense Council on fly ash

The Natural Resources Defense Council views fly ash encapsulation as a key part of the emissions solution.

The US Environmental Protection Agency on the beneficial reuse of fly ash

The EPA voices its support for continued beneficial use of fly ash in building products.

The U.S. Green Building Council on the beneficial reuse of fly ash in building materials

The USGBC states their support for the reuse of fly ash and its continued contribution to LEED credits.

Independent third-party analysis of product environmental safety

CalStar’s process for making fly ash into masonry binds the materials within a strong matrix that holds even if exposed to the acids that can be found in landfills. Test results on our products from nationally accredited third-party laboratories have been reviewed and analyzed by Gradient, a respected environmental consultancy in Cambridge, Mass. They find that “the presence of coal fly ash metals in newly manufactured CalStar bricks is not expected to result in any exposures of health concern.”