Hardscape Collection

CalStar’s Hardscape Collection features beautiful, natural-looking landscaping products that offer low embodied energy and are manufactured with high recycled content, eliminating the need for fired clay or Portland cement. Our Hardscape Collection is suited for upscale residential and commercial projects requiring the ultimate in aesthetics in a pavestone.

When it comes to ordinary concrete pavers -- there's a rub. Concrete does not color well and, as a result, quickly loses its surface color. It appears faded. But with CalStar, our paver color is rich. And dense. And most importantly, it carries throughout the stone -- so your pavers will look as great a decade from now, just as they did on installation day.

What's more, our pavestones and other landscaping products are Green, too. Compared to concrete pavers, using CalStar’s Holland Collection for a 1,000-square-foot patio (1,800 units):

  • Diverts nearly 5 tons of landfill waste
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 3420 lbs.
  • Saves 2.25 million BTU of energy

CalStar's Hardscape Collection is available in a premium, fine-texture finish or an Antiqued
finish. All of our Hardscape Collection products come in vibrant solid colors, blends and ranged options.

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