Giving Back to our Communities. And the Planet.


Better Workplace. Better Environment. Better Communities.  It’s our battle cry each morning when we start our day at CalStar.

Since our beginning, CalStar Products has been developing technologies that ease the immense burden building materials have on the environment. Our masonry products are beautiful with performance equal to or better than traditional products, but with a dramatically lower embodied energy and carbon footprint, making a dent in climate change with each project.

From the products available now to the technologies under development, CalStar is committed to leading the industry in carbon and cost reduction. In fact, CalStar was the first manufacturer in the brick industry to offer full transparency via an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Following an intensive life cycle assessment, the EPD verifies that CalStar bricks require 81% less energy to produce and emit 84% less CO2 than traditional brick products.